Fsu0413’s Original Qt builds

STOP USING Notepad++

At 25th Jan, 2023 Notepad++ released a version with a “feature” where users must agree the fake, incorrect and misleading politics words about China.
If user doesn’t agree random character is added when editing using Notepad++.

(Following statements are in Chinese only because I actually don’t know how to say it in English)

I, Fsu0413, as a Chinese source code peasant in China, won’t use Notepad++ anymore and won’t support Notepad++ users.
I also appeals to all users of my websites to STOP USING Notepad++ and find an alternative.

I won’t provide any recommendation for alternative.
There are tons of Scintilla-based editor in the wild and I do believe you’ll find the one you like.


These binaries built by Fsu0413 are TOTALLY UNTESTED. Use at your own risk.
The code used is downloaded from here, I made no changes to the source/generated files, except for officially announced patches.
THESE PACKAGE ARE PROVIDED “As is”, I have no responsibility that you mess up your things with this binaries.
Thanks for The Qt Company Ltd. and the programmers of Qt for their fantastic work!!

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Update History

22nd May, 2023

Apply patch for CVE-2023-32762 and CVE-2023-32763 in all supported 5.15.9 and 6.2.4 versions.
Apply patch in 5.15.9 macOS version for mapbox-gl-native build issue.

20th May, 2023

Update macOS to 13.3.1. Update Xcode to 14.3.
Update Qt 5.15.9 Universal host builds and arm64 hosted cross builds.
Update MinGW-w64 with GCC UCRT builds of Qt 6.2.4 and Qt 6.5.0.

Apply patch for CVE-2023-32573 in all supported 5.15.9 and 6.2.4 versions.

11th May, 2023

Use OSDN project instead of Chamber (a.k.a. PersonalForge) for file hosting.

9th May, 2023

Update Qt 5.15.9 / 6.5.0.
Remove Qt 6.4 series.

On 20th Apr, 2023 OpenSSL released a minor fix which applies for ARM built OpenSSL binary.
I distributes only non-ASM build of OpenSSL so it is not affected to my builds. This update will not integrated to my builds.

Before Jan. 2023