Fsu0413’s Original Qt builds

STOP USING Notepad++

At 25th Jan, 2023 Notepad++ released a version with a “feature” where users must agree the fake, incorrect and misleading politics words about China.
If user doesn’t agree random character is added when editing using Notepad++.

(Following statements are in Chinese only because I actually don’t know how to say it in English)

I, Fsu0413, as a Chinese source code peasant in China, won’t use Notepad++ anymore and won’t support Notepad++ users.
I also appeals to all users of my websites to STOP USING Notepad++ and find an alternative.

I won’t provide any recommendation for alternative.
There are tons of Scintilla-based editor in the wild and I do believe you’ll find the one you like.


These binaries built by Fsu0413 are TOTALLY UNTESTED. Use at your own risk.
The code used is downloaded from here, I made no changes to the source/generated files, except for officially announced patches.
THESE PACKAGE ARE PROVIDED “As is”, I have no responsibility that you mess up your things with this binaries.
Thanks for The Qt Company Ltd. and the programmers of Qt for their fantastic work!!

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Update History

25th Mar, 2023

Update OpenSSL 1.1.1t / 3.0.8 with the minor fix.
Update Qt 5.12.12 / 5.15.8 / 6.2.4 series, rebuilt with this OpenSSL while 5.15.8 is with QtWebEngine 5.15.13.
Update Qt 6.4.3 and Qt 6.5.0-rc.

Existing builds on Windows 8.1 are migrated to Windows 10 10.0.19045 since EOL of Windows 8.1.
Further builds won’t support Windows 8.1 and earlier.

Happy birthday to Iroi Imagay (the second time)!

25th Feb, 2023

Update Qt 6.5.0-beta3 series built with NDK r25c, with builtin MySQL (MariaDB) Database Backend and plugin.

12th Feb, 2023

Update Qt 6.4.2 series built with NDK r25c.

10th Feb, 2023

Update Qt 5.12.12 / 5.15.8 / 6.2.4 / 6.4.2 series with OpenSSL 1.1.1t / 3.0.8.
Update Qt 5.15 / 6.2 / 6.4 series with builtin MySQL (MariaDB) Database Backend and plugin.
Update Qt 5.15 static full series with more Visual Studio version. Discontinue Qt 5.12 static full versions.

Before Jan. 2023